George has been through alot. This poor kid has had a rough life. Missing all but 1 toe on his front left foot and a good portion of his tail. If only he could talk so we can help him get passed the anger.  George needs an Experienced Handler. One who will just let George be George and not push him.  <HE WILL BITE> He has grown since we got him & we do not have an exact age for him but we believe he is no more than a year old. 

Meet Myrtle the Turtle.  She is a red ear slider who was originally purchased from a pet store.  We do not know her current age.  But she is a fun gal to watch swim around.  

Each reptile has their own unique requirements when it comes to their care. They require specific habitats, lighting/heating and diets.  Potential adopters must be able to show they are equipped to care for these pets properly.  Adoption Fees can Vary from $60-$90.  

Mushu is a Bearded Dragon & roughly 3 yrs old. He is a very sweet guy. Loves his fresh fruits & veggies.  In this picture Mushu is about to Shed so he is a little dingy. 

This poor kid roughly 7 months old Sweet and on a Frozen diet. 

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