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Bonded Sister Senior Alert!

Serrano and Pablano are still shy but are coming out of their shell. Playing with the other cats and making friends. Human contact for them are not a neccessity. Jalapeno is super sweet can still be shy at times but once you are a friend you will get the belly.  The boys are about 8 months old. They have been here now for 4 months.  No matter how social they become here they will still be scared at first in your home. They will still need time and patience.  They were trapped along with their Mom & Dad. Mom & Dad have TNR and are living their best life free and safe.  12/15/22

Echo-  Still Available This cute brown tabby is 6month old. His mother Jet is picture here with them snuggling. He is super sweet a little shy at first but in no time he is your friend. Echo is a drawstring hog. If your wearing your hoodie & it has a drawstring in it he's your best friend. He loves attention and can be so affectionate. He is dog friendly if the dog is cat friendly. We would love to see him & his mother to be adopted together but we understand if that can't happen. Echo is neutered and ready for his new adventures in life. ​ 1/5/23

Available Cats

 Jet: ​1/5/23 Still Available! Jet is roughly 2 1/2 years old. She is a super sweet cat. Here she is snuggling with her son Echo.  Loves the attention and is doing well with adjustments. If a dog is good with cats and use to them she will do well. Dog needs to not care. She is ready for her new adventure.

3 Hot Pepper Brothers

Mud-  This kid is loving and playful. Can get a little carried away with playing. But he is just a super sweet kid. Roughly 8months old and ready for his new adventures in life. Was in a home with older cats and dogs can play a little to hard for the senior citizens. But should be fine with young cats & dogs.  11/15/22 



Kiki & Ocean Blu- Still AvailableOcean & Kiki are just the sweetest old ladies.  Kiki was born in the Spring of 2013 & Ocean was born in Spring of 2014. They are in their senior years and both are just as fresh as can be. Both can be shy at first but with some quiet time in their new home but both will come out of their shell in no time. Their intake was January of 2022. ​1/5/23

We have several Cats for adoption

Adoption fee 1) $125.00 2)175.00

Specific breeds or longer hairs are 1) $150.00 2) 250.00

Seniors 8yrs & up  $100