Obi-Non-This handsome boy is a walking definition of love, he would rather snuggle all day. If you are looking for a chill kitten this would be him. He is 4 months. 

Pollyis a 10+ year old polydactyl who was found in a backyard abandoned and scared. She was considered a feral cat by the property owner. But turns out she is just the sweetest old lady who just wants lovins and pets. She is very special she has 6 toes on both front feet. She was so thin when we got her and has put on some weight since then she is looking great and ready to go on her next journey in life.

Angel- We nick-named her butter, as soon as you start petting her she melts. This girl also does not like to be held but isn't as shy as her twin brother Axel. Roughly 5 Months old.

We have several Cats for adoption

Adoption fee 1) $100.00 2)150.00

Seniors 8yrs & up  $75

Available Cats

Axel- Came in with 4 other siblings while this handsome boy does not like to be held he is a huge fan of being pet and starring off out windows. Axel is roughly 5 months old. 

Rye- Don't let the grumpy face deter you, we had to pull him away from a catnip toy for this photo. He loves to be loved on and is super curious. He is Obi-nons brother. 

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