A LITTLE ABOUT Lola's Landing


Lola ended up in a county shelter when she was 10 months old.  Sadly, she had been both physically and mentally abused as a puppy and had developed trust issues with people that caused her to be considered "unadoptable." When the shelter was closing, we were finally able to rescue her. 

Lola's handler and best friend, our Vice President and trainer, had worked with her at the shelter and was the only one who was able to gain her trust. Lola does not handle meeting new people well and still does not understand that not everyone will not hurt her. Now, at 6 she is making progress, although it seems to be in baby steps.

Our next goal for Lola is for her to be able to enjoy a trip to Petco and Tractor Supply, so that she can pick out her own toys.

Strays If space is available, we will accept stray dogs during regular business hours. You must contact us first and bring the animal to us during our regular business hours. We will check for microchips, post the animal on our website and facebook page. We will diligently look for their owner. There is a county law that the found dog is required to have a five day stray hold. This is how long we will hold on to them before we post them for adoption. However, we DO NOT HANDLE ANIMAL CONTROL ISSUES!!!!   

​Owner Surrenders  If the animal is NOT Up to Date on Vaccines there is a $100 surrender fee! 

                                     If the animal is Up to Date on Vaccines there is a $50 Surrender fee!

                                     However, we reserve the right to deny accepting an animal for any reason

Our Goals

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Lola's Landing Animal Rescue Inc is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit incorporated in July 2016.
Our rescue is growing rapidly.  Currently, we
​are foster based. 

While our main focus is on saving dogs and cats, we will not discriminate against any animal breed or species, as long as we have the proper accommodation for the animal.  Every animal in our care is given a loving and safe haven.

Although we may be a 'new' rescue, we have been passionate about caring for animals for many years, and have worked with and helped other rescues.  With over 20 years of experience working with dogs, cats and other animals, we are thrilled to finally have been able to start our own nonprofit rescue. It has taken a lot of love, hard work and dedication, but the animals make every day a joy for us! 

Our Services

Our goals need YOU to make them happen!

  • Assist community efforts to affordably spay and neuter dogs and cats on an income based level.
  • Provide more vaccination clinics.
  • Our biggest goal and a lifelong dream is to build a shelter facility on our property that will provide a home for many more animals to better serve our community!!!  
  • Help us make these goals a reality through your donations and support; together we will make it happen!
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