We currently have 1 hedgehog named Prickly Pete. He is just about 1yr old. Does not bite but is your typical popcorn hissy hedgehog. He is pictured with his friend Echo. You can find Echo on our available cat page. ​12/15/22

We currently have 2 Guinea Pigs still available. 1 male and 1 female. They are just over a year old. Pictures will be coming soon. ​8/28/22

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We currently have 2 Chinchillas. Husband & Wife bonded pair. Husband has been neutered prior to being surrendered. Currently looking to have both adopted together so to help with that we are offering their cage to go with them $225.  ​ 12/15/22

Small Animals adoptions require a Cat Application filled out.  Females will not be Adopted out with Males. 

    All small animal Adoption Fees Vary

Guinea Pigs - $40

Chinchillas - Singles/$90    Pairs/$150

Hedgehogs- $75