10/18/2016 -

We are so sorry we haven't been keeping up with our Lola update section. Things have been super busy as we care for all our Lola's Landing occupants.  We are excited to say that Lola is making progress, even though she has not quit hit her goal marks and has not been able to make the trip to Petco yet, but we still hope to get her there.  

We thought everyone might like to see how some of Ms. Lola's friends have coming along with their training. 

Chewy, Hans and Ms. Pooh Bear all enjoyed attending Fair Hill International over the weekend.  They had a blast meeting new people and getting lots of attention.  We plan on posting more pictures of these adorable pups and news of their adoptions soon. 


Today, this goober had a fun, relaxing day keeping it cool inside while we played with her; she was such a doll baby.  We are working on her people skills slowly and she is starting to make some progress; although it will be some time before she is ready for her first trip to Petco with us.

Updates !!!!

Well we have been super busy this past year , with many adoptions and and some of our beloved seniors departing with us. we would love for everyone to check out our updated photos of our dogs under our adoption side !!  March 14th 2018 

2/5/17 We would like to Update that both Zar have been adopted!

1/6/2017 - We would like to welcome Zar, an older Min Pin, and Kimbo, an older Bull Dog, who are safe with us tonight. Both of these handsome gentlemen are just as sweet as they can be.

XTREMELY URGENT!! This Sweet Senior Boy MUST LEAVE ACCT Philly By The End Of The Day!! ZAR is TIME STAMPED For 8PM Unless A HERO Swoops In And Saves Him.  Please SHARE for ZAR who is a 10 year old Miniature Pinscher. This timid guy was surrendered by his owner because of ZAR'S health.  😥 😥 Sadly, Zar has a history of neurological issues that have been progressing slightly over the last 6 months. This cute boy is having slight issues walking, and is a little unsteady on his feet. ZAR is bright and alert, and eager to make friends. The veterinary staff suspects he may have diabetes, nerve issues or other underlying medical issues. They are recommending blood work and radiographs and a consultation to see what is going on with this pretty boy. ZAR is hoping desperately for a 2nd Chance!

8/1/16 -

Lola went to her first vet appointment at Elk Creek Vets office.  We were a little apprehensive about how well she would handle it due to her trust issues that we have been working on.  Dr.Yesilonis and his staff took their time and were great and very understanding with her.  We want to thank them very much for their hard work and willingness to help us !!!!!! 

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11/22/2016 -

Freedom Ride for our newest rescue! We just picked up Knievel, a sweet pup with multiple injuries, who had been scheduled for euthanasia in Philadelphia. He is now safe and tucked away in a warm bed with snuggles from the family. More pics and information to come.   Please consider donating to our rescue to help with medical and care costs.